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About Us

Loyola Public School

In the serenity of Vigyan Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, sprawling over 1.25 acres of prime property, sits Loyola Public School. Away from the hustle and bustle of traffic and market places, in the calm and quiet she sits anxious, and eager, to take in and bring up the children of today.

Loyola Public School is an unaided English Medium, Co-educational school, where the use of modern facilities and approaches are employed to impart and instill the age old ideas and principles that mould people of character.

Being the progeny of Mahanagar Girls’ College, Mahanagar; Loyola Public School was born of new ideas to cater to the exceedingly demanding needs of the new generation. With its infrastructure well laid out, Loyola Public School boasts of a capacity of 2000 students with more than sufficient space to grow. With spacious classrooms, fully equipped laboratories, a large open playfield and a top of the line faculty dedicated to understanding the individual needs of each child, students will find themselves in a motivating yet relaxed atmosphere which allows them to grow in their own time while keeping the pace set for them by their teachers.

Foreword From The Founder & Manager


We are delighted that you have chosen to study in one of our two institutions which are colleges with strong drive and bright futures.

We are confident that, like the students we have taught over the past twelve years, you will experience our institutions as a positive and life changing places. That doesn’t mean that studying here is easy – it wouldn’t be worthwhile if it was – or that everyone gets on well with each other all the time.

All we ask you is that you should do your very best while you are here to focus on your studies and to assist other people to study effectively. In return, we trust taht your learning will give you everything you are hoping for. Everyone in our institutions are dedicated to your success, so don’t be scared to ask for help and support wheneve you need it.

Loyola Public school is an exciting place to be, with an enormous amount to offer, provided that we all remember to respect one others right to  study and live in a mutually supportive environment. Respect means treating each other as equals. It means taking other person seriously, even if you don’t always agree with them. It means not putting anyone down just because they may be different from you. Indeed, it means celebrating our differences and diversity in the membership of the College, which is part of richness of Loyola Public School’s experience.

Tomorrow when you would step out into the would as young adults, we would expect to see you doing well not only in the academic field but in whatever vocation you choose. You may be a Doctor, an Engineer, a Teacher, a Media Person or a housewife – if you do your work with 100% dedication, we will count you as another one of our successes.

Make yourself  proud of the way you behave and of your ability to achieve your goals. Make your family and friends proud.  Make your College proud.

Good Luck!

M.P. Singh
Loyola Public School

Foreword by the Co-Founder & Director

It gives me great pleasure to have you as students at Loyola Public School.

I strongly believe that in each and every student there is a potential to succeed. It is which that in mind that we always strive for excellence, and take it upon us to unveil that dormant potential to its fullest degree. We are informal – and we like to think we are the friendliest. But informality and friendliness should not be confused with leniency towards and acceptance of indiscipline.

Loyola Public School takes it as an obligation to educate in totality. Over the past years, since our inception, the school as produced excellent results in the academic and co-curricular activities, both. It is with this background we assure you that you are joining the school of achievers!

Today, we live in a world of uncertainty where unemployment and cut-throat competition is rampant as a part of life; it only make sense to secure a job that no computer can replace yet. Enrolling with us, a college that offers a strong academic foundation will enable you to tak charge of your destiny.

Finally,  mission started is a mission ended. It is fine thing to have ability, but to discover it in others is the true test. Loyola Public School, Lucknow do it for you.


Shruti Singh
Director- Loyola Public School